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Car Wash

Try our best wash today!  Includes Ceramic wax which will improve the shine of your vehicle as well as give you added protection!


Vacuums are free to the community and open 24 hours a day.  All washes come with free window cleaner!

At the Car Wash

Highlands Original Car Wash

Unlimited Monthly Wash Club

Highlands Original Car Wash has been providing the Best Car Wash services to Louisville and surrounding areas since 2008.  Now your neighborhood Car Wash is even better with our Unlimited Monthly Wash Club. 

With the unlimited wash club you can wash every day if you want for one low monthly cost!!

Join the text Club or become a member today and let us welcome you to your neighborhood car wash!


Unlimited monthly Best Wash         $39

Unlimited monthly Better Wash      $32

Unlimited monthly Good Wash        $26   

Unlimited monthly Express Wash    $20

Single Best Wash       $22

Single Better Wash    $18

Single Good Wash     $15

Single Express Wash $10

A Highlands Original Car Wash

Best Original Prep, Best Original Value, Best original Text and Unlimited Monthly Wash Club

Highlands Original Car Wash is a Highlands Original that opened in 2008.  Our neighborhood car wash combines old school manual car prep process prior to entering the express wash.  While going through the express tunnel you will experience the best car wash cleaning equipment available combined with the best cleaning products.  We are confident that we have the best service to give you the best car wash in town. Everything at Highlands Original is simply the best.   As our neighbor You deserve the best for your money so come on in and experience the difference of A Highlands Original Car Wash!  

Our Neighbors are the Best! A Clean Smile goes great with a Clean Car!  Do Not forget to check out our neighbor Parkside Family Dental

Car Wash
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